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About Us

Tandoori Nights serves authentic Pakistani Indian cuisine. We promise to go an extra mile to bring the best taste and service. Tandoori Nights brings the famous taste of Pakwan Restaurant to the Sacramento area.

Who We Are

Tandoori Nights serves authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisine at our restaurant in Roseville, California. You can get the same high standard quality food and taste every time you visit us.

Tandoori Nights takes its name from the tandoor—a clay oven traditionally used to make authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Chefs heat this oven to a scalding 900 degrees Fahrenheit, infusing any meats inside it with a signature smoky flavor. This intricate process is just one of the many ways Tandoori Nights continues to embrace the culinary traditions of Pakistan and India—just like it has been doing since it opened more than a decade ago.

The restaurant's selection of tandoori cuisine includes tender lamb chops, flaky filets of sole, and hearty chicken legs. More adventurous diners can explore exotic dishes such as goat curry and lamb-brain masala. There are also meat-free options, including mixed vegetable curry and saag paneer—a blend of homemade cheese cubes and creamy spinach.

We also offer catering services for all occasions. Now you can taste food of the same quality in your home or where ever you arrange your function.


  • Grilled chicken
  • Seekh Kabab
  • Nihari
  • Haleem
  • Fresh


    Vegetarian Items

  • Mouthwatering


    BBQ Items

  • Spicy


    Curry Items

  • Satisfied



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Restaurant Address

(916) 780-8200

1420 E Roseville Pkwy Ste. 155, Roseville, CA, 95661

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Tuesday - Friday 11 AM to 3 PM & 5 PM to 10 PM

Saturday & Sunday 11 AM to 10 PM